ARCO Investment Management

We deliver absolute return investment strategies to investors with a long-term investment horizon

Our principles

ARCO Investment Management is a dedicated investment manager, specialising in Australian equities and focused on delivering absolute return investment outcomes.

Fundamental research

The equity valuation of many companies has a calculable, 'fair value' range. Stock prices frequently over-shoot and under-shoot this range, creating an opportunity to achieve attractive, risk-adjusted returns for when prices revert to their fair value range.

Active rebalancing

Companies change slowly. Stock prices change very rapidly. Stock exposures should be actively monitored and rebalanced accordingly.

Risk management

Investors benefit from downside protection in their equity exposure. Downside protection is an outcome of both quality stock selection and constant portfolio management within strict risk controls.

We believe that a meaningful and constant combination of these principles is critical in delivering consistent and repeatable performance over time.